Sage Installation Manager

Sage Installation Manager

It lets you install software updates to workstations from a single location
2.0 (See all)

Sage Installation Manager is an application that lets you install software updates to numerous workstations from a single location. For example, you can install Sage Installation Manager on your server, and use it to install updates to each individual workstation on your domain. While you can use Sage Installation Manager to install updates to individual workstations, you must manually install updates on your server.

After you have installed Sage Installation Manager, you can use it to check whether an update from Sage is available at any time. (You will continue to receive e-mail notification of updates as well.) An overview of each workstation installation is provided in a log.

Requirements :
- Your workstations must be configured on a single domain. Workgroups or peer-to-peer network structures are currently not supported.
- The account logon you use for Sage Installation Manager must have administrator privilege on the central computer and all workstations which will receive updates from it.
- Verify that each workstation on your system has access to Admin$ share.
- A firewall exception for file and printer sharing must be made for each workstation.
- Security software on each workstation must allow access to TeleXEQ. TeleXEQ is a Sage program used by Sage Installation Manager.
- In addition, all users should have full control permission to the shared Timberline Office folder. This setting is required to run Sage Timberline Office. Sage Installation Manager will verify and perform this step if necessary.

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